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When life doesn't work out as we plan . . . 

Having to shut down a business is one of these instances. When you are faced with such a task it is usually an unpleasant experience. 
Choosing to have a business liquidation auction is often the fastest and most economically sound way to recoup as much money possible out of any remaining inventory and equipment. Caprock Auction Group understands that shutting down a business is a stressful and large task and we are prepared to assist you with: 

  • Negotiating with creditors and bankers

  • Inventory accounting

  • Marketing

  • Auction setup and asset prep

  • Conducting the auction 

  • Collecting Funds and Sales Tax 

  • Auction accounting 

This whole process can be done in 30 days and allow you to move on with your life. 
If you are faced with shutting down a business or have the task of liquidating assets please Contact Caprock Auction Group for a free consultation.

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